– How did it start, do you remember?

– I try to recall the moment when I first thought that we should form a kind of group. But I can’t (laughing). Somehow it grew organically and at some point it became obvious.

– You called me with an invitation that a contemporary gallery is looking for a nice workshop for kids related to digital technologies. We both got excited, got plenty of ideas. We got engaged with making simple and aesthetic current circuits by hand.

– Then the workshop didn’t happen (laughing).

– Yeah, but we couldn’t stop thinking about it (laughing).

Agnes Biolum is an art group based in Budapest, Hungary with members Virag Albert and Barbara Sterk. We work with handcrafted electronics to merge analogue and digital technics. Biolum comes from bioluminescence, the effect when living organisms are able to emit light energy. This phenomenon nicely describes the way we are looking for and experimenting with the vital mixure of low-tech and hi-tech.